After 18 years in the entertainment world and traveling around the UK and abroad, I have never really felt settled in one place. I think this comes down to the type of person I am ‘an adventurer’.

I love people and the out doors and feel most happy with the sand in my toes and the sea breeze on my face.

The thought of living on a sailing boat and waking up every day to another beautiful view and the chance to meet so many people and here their stories energizes me.

I am ready to write new stories to share.

“Life is for living and seeing, your senses control your heart “


I was lucky enough to grow up around boats and spent most of my childhood messing around on the water.

After 10 years living and travelling in and around New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong setting sail seemed like the perfect next adventure.

I have spent most of my working life in the corporate world working in a shirt and tie and doing as I’m told, it never suited me. Sailing the world is my chance to break away from “normal life” and take control of my future.