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2018, London, UK, Video February 2, 2018

We meet Sailing La Vagabonde !! London Boat Show 2018 – EP24

Our journey started a couple of years ago when we found Riley and Elayna’s videos from Sailing La Vagabonde. They were our inspiration and we always hoped that one day we would bump into them to say hi! These guys are sailing celebs, there were so many people there at the London Boat Show 2018 to meet them it was crazy.

Last year we were just ahead of them on our trip through Greece and we visited many of the places that they did but unfortunately couldn’t quite catch them so grab a quick chat with them at the Boat Show was the next best thing.

What really blew us away was the amount of people that recognised us at the show, we really weren’t expecting people to say hi but it was amazing and we got to chat to some great people who have been watching us so thanks guys 🙂

We also check out some of the new boats a great wind scoop and some beautiful wooden surf boards.

Thanks for watching 🙂