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2018, Boat Buying, Boat Work, UK March 2, 2018

Offers & Survey 2018 – Ep28

Finally we have found the new CREO or CREO 2.0!

And the winner is…. well you will have to watch the video 🙂

We have our offer accepted and Matt travels to meet the surveyor and find out if there is anything that we should know about this boat before we buy her.

After the survey and some advice from a few other people we go back and negotiate again with the seller and finally we have a deal!!

Watch out for a live Q&A next week where we will answer any questions you might have 🙂

2018, Boat Buying, Greece, Video February 16, 2018

Boat Buying Greece Pt2 EP26

Join us in the 2nd part of our boat hunting trip to Greece.
We discover how hard boat buying is when you know the ropes better, ignorance is bliss sometimes!
Have we found the next CREO yet?