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2017, Greece, Video January 8, 2018

A Stormy Ending! Ep 22

Is this the end for sailing CREO???
Matt’s son Charlie visits us for a holiday but Matt gets very sick.Its not always fun in the sun!

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Matt & Emma

2017, Greece, Video July 14, 2017

Is this the best beach in the Greek Islands? – Ep17 Sailing CREO Peloponnese Adventures Pt3

We think we might have found the best beach in the Greek Islands well certainly our favourite! Stunning white sand with crystal clear waters! After some rough windy weather and another sleepless night at anchor it was great to have some relaxing time swimming and snorkelling.

Next is theΒ Cape Horn of Greece – Cape Malea with a reputation for rough unforgiving seas, then we sail into Monemvasia and check out a fortified old town and get a visit in the harbour from some playful turtles.

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2017, Greece, Video June 8, 2017

A Hot Night in Vliho! Ep 12

In this episode we test Emma with a hot night out in Vliho!

We check out a cool waterfall in Nidri, get our rigging checked and a new bed onboard and celebrate our friend Richards birthday plus lots more πŸ™‚

Finally CREO is ready to set off , next stop Kefalonia!

Join us on our sailing journey around the Greek Islands!

2017, Greece, Video June 1, 2017

Sailing Familiar Waters.. Nidri, Greece Episode 11

In this episode we sail back to familiar waters to get the last few jobs finished on CREO. We have engine problems with baby CREO, lose expensive kit over the side and take you on a little tour of Nidri in Greece..

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