Sorting through our belongings

Sorting through our belongings

We have now found our sailing boat. It’s now time to start sorting out all our stuff.
I remember thinking “What on earth we are going to do with it all”?

Now we had to work out if we really needed what we had or if we could sell it. Then we could put the money toward our sailing adventures.

“Easy “you say. Not really.
We filtered it so many times.
Things would travel between all the rooms in the house.
We then started to see what we really had been hording for the “just in case” situation.

I came up with this Process, I found it worked well for us and we then knew where we were:
I placed everything in the following 4 rooms of the house.

Our Living room was for selling stuff online.
The Spare room we put everything we maybe wanted to keep.
In the Office & sunroom we had our 3 boxes each we could keep important things in to be put into storage with family.
Finally we had the Garage, this was a mission we placed things that were going to the rubbish tip or to car boot sales.
Things would hop between rooms many times!

If you were to go through all the things in your homes right now, how much stuff in your draws, attic and the wardrobe could you manage without?
I know the garage is great for your car and the shed for your work tools and bikes, but how much stuff in there is for “JUST IN CASE”?
“Just in case” is one of those things that actually weigh us down.

Going through our belongings I had to say to myself:
Do I need it?
When did I last use it?
Will it impact my life if I got rid of it?
You might laugh but this is so true. I remember that I started to feel lighter and clearer headed once thing were more organised.

After 5 nights of moving things from room to room we started to think differently. We really don’t need half of this stuff in our lives. Its what the world wants us to do, buy loads of things to feel we’ve achieved things, be comforted by our buys and think it will make us happy.
Do you know what? This isn’t what makes those feelings at all.
It’s about challenges, facing your fears and the warmth of your family and friends that make you feel these things. It’s a society that tells us we should fill our homes with things but after living on Creo you really don’t need much at all.

The things we kept were the hardest choices to make.
Should it go in my 3 boxes?
Does it have sentimental value?
Can we take it on the boat?
9 times out of 10 the answer was “no” because it was just stuff!
Can I replace it? “Yes of course”.

After the 7th night we had lift off and we started the process of selling.