Telling family and Friends

“We have chosen to sell all the stuff in our house. Take our savings and buy a Sailing boat to travel around the oceans”.

Not the normal conversation you have with your family in your 30’s. Trying to work out how to explain our plans we had to figure out what we were doing first. We were so excited but very nervous too. It’s a big step.

We took our time telling people, as we needed to be sure we had everything in place. I mean if you want some thing enough you can go get it if you work hard enough. It’s been a big step and we didn’t know anyone who had done this before. Plus the pressure of organizing everything we needed a clear head.

Conversations went something like this:
“ Works been great this week thanks. We had a take away last night, oh and by the way we’ve bought a sailing boat with our house deposit and we are off to live on it in Greece”.

Lots of mixed responses.

“Fantastic that will be great for both of you”?
“What are you playing at”?
“That’s crazy but wow! How cool”.
“I wasn’t expecting you to tell me that”!

Lots of family and friends said,
“What are you going to do with all your stuff “?
That’s the thing, it wasn’t about the giant steps we were making but what we where doing with all the things we had. It’s totally understandable. I used to have a spare room for all my extras, my 15 sets of duvet covers, PA system and lights for work and my stupid amount of clothes. Most of which I didn’t even like or wear. Maybe the boat would be a way of giving me a push to get rid of things.

It’s not only me, Matt had so much work equipment, loads of tools and car parts from his VW Beetle he’d been restoring.
Some people couldn’t understand what we had chosen to do at all. We weren’t even sure what it was going to entail to be honest, so how could we expect other people to get it?

If you are a sailor or have your own boat you’d know there are always lots of things to mend, clean and find out. It’s a full time job. Family and friends were very excited to be able to come out and join us. We love our family and friends very much and their support is important to us. Having them there for us is a great strength and we want more ways of sharing memories and adventures with them. Keeping in touch with them is also very important to us and with the power of the Internet we try to connect with them at least once a week.

We are now very excited about getting more of them out to visit shortly and hope to make some more awesome memories.