Ok so this post is not sailing related or even about boats for that matter but it is about a really handy product that I have been using for around 5-6 years now and it has been an essential part of running my day to day life. It is however a perfect tool for a liveaboard boaties who like us still have to work while we cruise.

perfect for location independent people

As more people become location independent and work remotely while travelling the world keeping tabs on business activities becomes harder and harder as hanging on to bits of paper and getting statements mailed to you etc is almost impossible on the road!

Back when I lived in New Zealand I came across a small startup company called Xero which was part owned by a guy called Sam Morgan who had recently sold Trade Me ( the NZ version of ebay ) to an Australian company for over $700 million!

How it works

Basically the idea of Xero is to give you instant accounting from anywhere in the world you can get online, this means you can reconcile bank statements, do tax returns and manage your business from anywhere which I think is pretty cool. It even syncs to your bank accounts so you don’t have import statements and for the UK and probably other countries it gives you the ability to do 1 click VAT (tax) returns that automatically file with HMRC ( collector of taxes in the UK )
On top of this you can generate email invoices and it also integrates with loads of 3rd party apps like paypal so you can take payments online too.

Pretty much it’s a remote, online one stop shop for managing your money and it has been a complete game changer for someone like me who hates paperwork. Even my accountant loves it as he can log in and click on various reports which pretty much do a large part of his job for him, not that he would admit to it ☺

try it for free

Xero is currently available in over 180 countries and has over 1 million subscribers so you don’t just have to take my word for it! If you use any other type of accounting software or you are considering starting your own business then definitely check it out im pretty sure you will be as impressed as I have been over the years.

If you click the link below, not only will you get a 30day free trial with no obligation but you will also get 30% off if you decide to sign up and use it.