Driving up and down the motorway to work every day, I thought there must be more to life than this.

How many hours have I sat in this car and how many beautiful days have I missed being sat in the office, missing the beauty that Mother Nature has to show.

After many nights searching the internet looking for ways to change our world. We came across videos of people of all ages living aboard boats and travelling the world. It started to make us think, could this be possible for us too?

We became very excited about this world and spent many nights researching boats and places to visit.

With our positive minds and passion for adventure we searched for our ideal boat. That isn’t an easy task. Once we narrowed it down and spoke to the brokers we then booked two flights.


Now you might think we were crazy and why would you change something that wasn’t that bad? Do you go to work come home make dinner watch TV and get ready for bed then repeat? I wanted a normal life too, I so wanted to be able to do this 9-5 and have weekends off to know how it would feel to be a normal person. I had worked in entertainment for 17 years, I totally loved the life I had and the people I met. I spent years in Holiday Parks being part of the family presenting 6 or 7 days and nights a week running a programme I had written with a team I picked but my life wasn’t complete.

Now the grass is always greener isn’t it? Well not really because if you change things you lose things too.


The boat was going to change everything. Matt was so excited. For the first time in a while he had his spark back. He read every blog and was on the net reading all he could find.

Can I tell you something?

I have never read a book in my life. Sounds a bit odd right. I used to love watching movies so this was how I spent my free time. I’m now reading a book called The Idea In you, so maybe this trip has already changed me.

In the past month we have moved to live on our boat in Greece and also learnt how to sail.

I’m writing a Blog and have almost read a book.

Check me out!

Next challenge is to get over my fears of storms and seaweed.