Sleeping on board

This is some thing that’s not always easily obtained.
Here on Creo we have 2 cabins instead of 3 not the normal lay out as we have a bigger galley and more storage. We have a double V berth and a giant (coffin cabin) aft cabin with a bed that could almost sleep 4 but it’s actually for 2 people.
We have a table that turns into a double bed in the main saloon as well as single bed at the nav station if we really needed it. So all together we can sleep 7.
With only two of us it’s a nice amount of space for family and friends to come stay too. The beds are comfy and in the summer heat you only need big cotton sheets, we sleep in the front cabin with a triangle shaped bed (the v berth).
I freaked out the first time I saw it. “How do you sleep on that”? To be honest its 2 meters wide at the top so there is a lot of room for your body and your feet are all the way at the bottom.

In the evenings aboard Creo we like to watch the sunset and other people trying to set their anchor or moor near by. In Greece there are incredible sunsets. Being a sailor you can change your view every night, nothing is ever the same. It really makes you realise we live in a beautiful world. Watching boats is our favorite thing to do apart from sail, who needs TV when you have the live boat channel?

In the first few weeks I had only slept well 3 nights. Why you ask? Well to be totally honest I’m worried about the boat dragging anchor and floating into another boat or even worse onto rocks. We have a spade anchor and around 80 meters of chain on board which has thankfully always kept us safe even in sticky situations.

Through the night at anchor the boat turns in a big giant circle, some times changing direction dependent on the current and the wind. Your length of chain and depth of water will then tell you how far you swing around. I’d wake up and see the horizon turning through the hatch and jump up to look out to see where we where. I had to overcome this fear and tried to not look so much and think if anything happens we can deal with it at the time and if we set the anchor right and have enough space to turn we will be fine.

Some nights the chain would make this horrible grinding and banging sound, I’d wake up, my heart would be beating at 100 miles an hour, what on earth was that sound? We realised after a while it was actually a combination of the movement of the chain on the boat a it dragging on rocks below the water as the boat swung around. In time living aboard you would hear so many crazy sounds and would learn what each was, if you heard a new sound you hadn’t heard before something was wrong.

The worse sound in the middle of the night would be the sound of a winch running and the anchor of another boat, you knew someone was close and would pop your head up like a meerkat to take a look. Matt would bounce up like a shot. Your fear is they had laid there anchor chain over yours locking you in or they were too close that their boat would swing into yours.
One evening in Lakka which is on Paxos we had an Italian boat with nobody on swing round and got so close that we could touch their bathing platform on the back of there boat. It’s all about the Math’s etc but mostly about common sense!

Back to sleeping
I have crazy dreams too, sometimes I think I’m awake but I’m still sleeping and I see giant boats outside. One day I thought I saw a giant pirate ship, too much watching Black Sails I think (Amazon series, OMG if you haven’t watched, it’s a must do)
Your mind can do funny things in the heat and with the lack of sleep.
One night I went to bed worried about rats.
They are known in Greece to be able to swim out to your boat from the land, they climb up your anchor chain and jump aboard. People say its because in the hotter months that fresh water is hard to find on the islands. So they go in search of it on the sailing boats. They’re now getting bigger and smarter or at least they were in my dreams ☺

Now back to my dreams. So in our v berth we have a ledge above us that holds our clothes and goodies. I woke up one night and could see rats running up and down on the ledge with long tails, I then took a second look and realised it was strings from my swimwear. Now that’s what lack of sleep can do!
Finally after four weeks I worked out how to sleep.
“Drink a whole bottle of local red wine to yourself”.
They cost about 3 euros for a litre, it always does the trick. My top tip!